What are Wedding Aisle Runners?….

Personalised Aisle Runners are used to enhance your walk down the aisle with a custom hand painted message or personalisation of your choice. 

What material are Aisle Runners made from?…

Unlike other companies we only provide runners that are tear resistant, for a better quality finish at an affordable price.

Luxury 55″ wide Cotton coated fabric (231 GSM), available in White, Ivory, Stone , Grey or Black. This fabric has a coated backing and is 100% opaque.

Are the Aisle Runners washable?…

Yes! Our new range of fabrics are machine washable.

Machine Washing:

    • Do not wash with other items.
    • Use mild detergent, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • Do not use bleach of any type.
    • Do not overload the machine.
    • Set the water temperature to cold wash and cold rinse.
    • Wash on delicate/gentle cycle.
  • Once the washing process is complete, gently remove for drying.

Machine Drying:

    • Set dryer on delicate/gentle setting.
    • Start the dryer and let the fabric tumble dry until the cycle is complete.
    • Repeat the drying cycle until fully dried – but do not over-dry.
  • If delicate/gentle cycle is not available on the Dryer, follow instructions under Air Drying.

Air Drying:

  • After washing, shake the coated fabric to remove excessive water. Do not wring out, but you may squeeze gently.  Hang the fabric on a padded line (to avoid a permanent crease), distribute the weight evenly to allow dripping dry full length in open width.   Be certain that the foam coated side is not touching itself or any surface as it dries.  That is, hang foam coated side out.


Use a household steam iron, ironing board with pad and a damp pressing cloth.  The iron temperature should be set to polyester or synthetic.  Use the damp pressing cloth to eliminate direct contact between the iron and the fabric.  Never allow a hot iron to come directly into contact with the coating.  Steam must be used while ironing.  Press both sides of the fabric remembering to use the damp pressing cloth on both sides.

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What flooring are they suitable on?…

Our Aisle Runners are perfect for indoor hard floors and carpets and even outdoor wedding events…please note these should be secured in some basic fashion to avoid accidents ie. Pins into carpet, doubled sided tape or decorative weights- in accordance with your venues terms of use.

What kind of personalisation can I get on my Aisle Runner?…

Please feel free to have a look through our gallery or even google images or speak to me and we can come up with something bespoke to suit your requirements.

What colours can the Runner have?…

There are a vast variety of colours available Including metallic gold, swatches can be sent on request or if you an unusual colour please email us beforehand and we will try to accommodate you.

colours1 colours2

How much is a Personalised Aisle Runner?…

For the smallest aisle runner with the smallest design prices start at just £120.00 including delivery, prices increase accordingly with aisle runner length and design style.

Bespoke designs are on a POA basis.

How do I make Payment?…

Once you have seen and agreed your design a minimum 25% non-refundable deposit should be made to secure your booking.

You can then pay off the balance as and when suits you, up until completion of your order when the balance will then become payable within 7 working days.

Orders will be ready at least 2 weeks prior to the date of your wedding (unless otherwise stated), and dispatched special UK next day delivery once full payment has been received.

Please contact us for international postage quotes.

(Please note.. our orders have to be done in wedding date order for obvious reasons)


All major debit and credit card are accepted at the checkout we also accept bank transfer and PayPal.


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By purchasing from Elegant Aisles you confirm & agree to *Elegant Aisles Terms & Conditions*


When should I expect to receive my Aisle Runner?…

Aisle Runners are completed on a wedding date basis, and we guarantee delivery 2 weeks before your wedding date, this is a worst case scenario dependant on our workload.-(unless otherwise stated)